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Dr. Sam Mugzzi's 2014 Predictions

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Dr. Sam Mugzzi with James Gilliland December 18, 2013

Message from Mz. Mugzzi

Having my own radio show has allowed me the opportunity to get messages out about psychic abilities, government, history, education, health, and galactic origins. As we move into the Golden Age it is up to each and every one of us to find our part in the evolution of the 5D reality and bring it forward.

What that means, is that everyone awake and aware during this time is a star seed who incarnated during this time to play a significant role in shifting realities. My goal as an intuitive and teacher is to offer the skills, confidences, and strength so that you can become the true magnificent light worker you are meant to be.

Some of the information during the shows you might not resonate with you and that is ok. We are all here to find our truth and to create the world in which we chose to live in. What is right for one person might not be right for another. It would depend on their soul's origin and their destiny.

Mother Earth, our home, has provided us with a unique atmosphere to learn and love people that come from different worlds. We all have something to offer once we find our voice. The skills, intelligence, insight, and love that is here with us now walking amongst us are some of the brightest and strongest kids on the block. Prime Creator's plan for us is greater than we can even comprehend and truely is a gift to watch it all unfold before us.

Behold, the new world is here and it is one that WE chose to create! This is all about each one of us finding and empowering ourselves to be the miracles many societies have been praying for and dreaming about. Now it is time to step up to the plate and make what we desire as heaven on earth.

Simply stated, that means we start actively changing the world one house at a time. You have a role and you are the one that will use your best abilities to change what we don't want into what we do want. Sitting idol on your sofa and praying for a savior is not what is meant by you is your actions that create the result. Hence, get up and make every day about manifesting and creating our perfect world.

Enjoy, have fun and think with your heart!

9 Key Concepts on Understanding the Declaration. How the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are designed to work together.


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*It's misspelled on purpose. Para means Dime means 10 which is God's number.

Dr. Sam Mugzzi's Future Predictions for 2013

Well, we made it. We have succeeded despite all of the doom and gloom that others were predicting. Now you know, we have help from the angels of heaven. We are growing and going through what the "experts" refer to as an evolution.
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